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jvm / im.pattle.trace.user.interactive

Package im.pattle.trace.user.interactive


Name Summary
Flow data class Flow
PasswordData class PasswordData :StageData
PasswordStage data class PasswordStage :StageImpl<PasswordData>
Login with password.
RecaptchaData class RecaptchaData :StageData
RecaptchaStage data class RecaptchaStage :StageImpl<RecaptchaData>
Complete a ReCaptcha 2.0 challenge.
StageData sealed class StageData :MustBeInitialized
StageImpl sealed class StageImpl<S :StageData>
StageType abstract class StageType
UserInteractiveAuthConfig class UserInteractiveAuthConfig
Determine how functions marked with RequiresUserInteractiveAuth should be handled.


Name Summary
RequiresUserInteractiveAuth annotation class RequiresUserInteractiveAuth
Marks that this function requires User-Interactive Authentication as mentioned in the Matrix spec.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
Stage typealias Stage =StageImpl<*>
UIAConfigBuilder typealias UIAConfigBuilder =UserInteractiveAuthConfig.() ->Unit

Extensions for External Classes

Name Summary