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jvm / im.pattle.trace.exception

Package im.pattle.trace.exception


Name Summary
ExclusiveUsernameException data class ExclusiveUsernameException :MatrixException
Username is in the exclusive namespace and cannot be used.
ForbiddenException data class ForbiddenException :MatrixException
Access forbidden.
InvalidUsernameException data class InvalidUsernameException :MatrixException
Username is invalid.
LimitExceededException data class LimitExceededException :MatrixException
Request has been rate limited. Try again in the amount of milliseconds specified in retryAfter.
MatrixException sealed class MatrixException :Exception
UnknownException data class UnknownException :MatrixException
An unknown error occurred. Check the message for details.
UsernameInUseException data class UsernameInUseException :MatrixException
Username is already in use.