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Name Summary
HasSender interface HasSender
Events that have a sender.
HasStateKey interface HasStateKey
Events that have a stateKey.
HasTimestamp interface HasTimestamp
Events that have a timestamp.
RoomEvent abstract class RoomEvent :Event,Identifiable<EventId>,HasSender,HasTimestamp
RoomEventBuilder abstract class RoomEventBuilder<out CNT :RoomEventContent, out CFG :RoomEventConfig>
The RoomEventBuilder is used for building events for sending. Every event's companion object should inherit from this class, making, for example, this syntax possible:
RoomEventConfig interface RoomEventConfig :RoomEventContent,MustBeInitialized
Marker interface that specifies that the inheritor is the config class for a certain RoomEventContent.
RoomEventContent interface RoomEventContent
Marker interface that specifies the content for a RoomEvent.