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All Types

Name Summary
im.pattle.trace.AccessToken The access token is needed for all calls which needs to identify the user.
kotlin.collections.Collection (extensions in package
im.pattle.trace.event.Event Used for identifying events, in the form of: $
im.pattle.trace.exception.ExclusiveUsernameException Username is in the exclusive namespace and cannot be used.
im.pattle.trace.exception.ForbiddenException Access forbidden. ID for groups (communities): In the form of: Events that have a sender. Events that have a stateKey. Events that have a timestamp.
im.pattle.trace.Homeserver Is identifiable with one of the Identifiers. Matches the Common Identifier from the spec.
im.pattle.trace.exception.InvalidUsernameException Username is invalid.
im.pattle.trace.exception.LimitExceededException Request has been rate limited. Try again in the amount of milliseconds specified in retryAfter.
kotlin.collections.List (extensions in package im.pattle.trace.user.interactive)
im.pattle.trace.user.LocalUser A User that is maintained by this client, and is authenticated.
im.pattle.trace.util.MustBeInitialized All lateinit vars of this object must be initialized. A StateEvent signifying a name change of the room.
im.pattle.trace.user.interactive.PasswordStage Login with password.
im.pattle.trace.user.interactive.RecaptchaStage Complete a ReCaptcha 2.0 challenge.
im.pattle.trace.user.interactive.RequiresUserInteractiveAuth Marks that this function requires User-Interactive Authentication as mentioned in the Matrix spec. A human readable alias for a Room. In the form of: The RoomEventBuilder is used for building events for sending. Every event's companion object should inherit from this class, making, for example, this syntax possible: Marker interface that specifies that the inheritor is the config class for a certain RoomEventContent. Marker interface that specifies the content for a RoomEvent. A Room ID in the form of: !
im.pattle.trace.user.interactive.StageType StateEvents are RoomEvents that alter the state of the Room, for example: Changing the name of the Room with NameChangeEvent. Marker interfaces that specifies that the inheritor of this interface is a config for a certain StateEventContent. Marker interface that specifies the content for a certain StateEvent.
kotlin.String (extensions in package
io.ktor.http.URLBuilder (extensions in package im.pattle.trace.util)
im.pattle.trace.exception.UnknownException An unknown error occurred. Check the message for details.
im.pattle.trace.user.User A Matrix user ID in the form of:
im.pattle.trace.user.interactive.UserInteractiveAuthConfig Determine how functions marked with RequiresUserInteractiveAuth should be handled.
im.pattle.trace.exception.UsernameInUseException Username is already in use.